Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Burning bush.

This morning i went to a 6am study of Romans at solid rock. I think i'll start attending this study every wednesday. It was nice to wake up and dive right into scripture and worship. To avoid morning traffic on 26 i took Barnes over the hill and stopped at the cemetary to shoot some photos and think about the message this morning. This is the only one that i was somewhat happy with.

I spent yesterday afternoon shooting photos of pro bmx rider and all around good dude Caleb Rucker. I got held up at work so we got a bit of a late start and unfortunatly ran out of light so we were only ablt to shoot for an hour or so. I need to buy some battery packs and pocket wizards for my strobes.

After shooting Caleb, Gabe and i went over to Tim and Cody's. Good times indeed!

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Tyler said...

nice stuff.

if you haven't already...check out for batteries and strobes.