Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This past Sunday I went to Stumptown on 34th and Belmont for some wake up juice and to read the paper. Not to my surprise, I ran into Clay, Olaf, and Darrell. They were caffeinating themselves before riding their bikes to the blacktop at Sunnyside. After finishing our coffee we rode to the blacktop and I was able to snap a few photos.

There isn’t better way to end a long bike ride better than your favorite cafĂ© or coffee shop. As this awesome blog post put it “A bike ride doesn’t end at the sprint finish - it ends after some good food and a few coffees are consumed at your favorite cafe.” (seen here). It’s true. And this post-ride tradition is where many friendships have been formed over cup of coffee or a few cold pints of IPA. I’m going to attempt to catalog, not only my rides, but also the places, new and old, where I refuel.

This last Saturday I rode with a friend to St Honore Bakery off on Thurman Street off 23rd ave in Northwest Portland. If you haven’t been I highly suggest you try their selection of amazing pastries and Sandwiches. It’s a perfect location for a mid-ride pit stop.

listening to:
Clint Mansell - The Fountain
Danzig - IV
Sparta - Porcelain

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RY♥N said...

great post and pics dude. let's ride.