Monday, March 02, 2009

I have some photos and a little write-up about Rose City Fix in the new Urban Velo. I'm excited, as you could imagine. Even though it's rad to have my photos in this magazine, I'm just as stoked to see good friends of mine and Portland represented. You can download a copy for free here. Urban Velo has been so rad to work with. Can't thank them enough.

Also, here is my bike, in all it's glory.

listening to:
The Followers - The Followers
Blitz - Punk Singles


Ortolan said...

— Congrats, of course, and that whip is perfect for ya... especially the invisible stopping mechanism.

; )

colin said...

i have been almost living at papercut zine library in cambridge. i am doing a 4,000 word piece on it, researching and reporting for six months. the other day i was thumbing through the "hey check out the new zines!" box and there was your picture on urban velo's cover.

congrats man. no better way to do it than doing it yourself.

colin said...

by six months i mean six weeks as i am pretty drunk.

SaraJane said...

I saw the article in Urban Velo.

Cant wait to see your Rose City Fix..

Rain City was the shit!