Wednesday, August 13, 2008

super sonic sound system

Originally uploaded by Brenton Salo
This speaker system, or whatever it is, sits on the Fed Bank downtown protland and i've always wondered what it was. I see it everday on my drive down Burnside on my way home from work. Every time i see it I get this feeling i'm in some post apocalyptic film based on a George Orwell novel.... or something to that effect.

In RCFX news: shooting for the book is going well. Maybe a bit slower than i had originally thought, but i really like the idea of letting the book develop on it's own. So far i've met some really cool kids and photographed some awesome bikes.

listening to:
Black Keys - Attack and Release
Radio Dept - EP's
The Good the Bad and the Queen - S/T
Coldplay - Viva la Vida
Opeth - Watershed
Roots - Rising Down

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Jan said...

You've got a real feel for a moody sky. I see it in many of your photos.